Manufactured Wood Briquettes

We supply possibly the nation's leading Wood Briquettes - Ecofire which have almost zero moisture content due to the process used in it's manufacture. Ecofire is made from hardwood sawdust and waste woodchips and is not only carbon neutral (the trees that it is indirectly made from consume as much co2 in their lifetime as is released when the fuel is burnt) but also very environmentally responsible.

Our briquette range includes solid oak briquettes which are a by-product of our sister companies oak flooring manufacture. They contain as little as 6 - 10% moisture and burn for lengthy periods, they are more of a nugget shape than a log so may be considered a coal substitute in many circumstances!

We also offer softwood briquettes for an alternative to our premium oak and hardwood offerings, they burn well yet not as long as the hardwood heatlogs, much the same as using softwood compared to seasoned hardwood firewood.

Ecofire Heatlogs

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Firewood

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Firewood


A bulk bag of kiln dried hardwood firewood logs...

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